Stop shouting!

After an NQT session on ‘using your voice effectively’, it was clear to see that a few of my fellow NQT colleagues have concerns when it comes to using the voice in the classroom.

As an MFL teacher, it is important that I use my voice correctly in the classroom.

At University, I co-hosted a radio show ‘From Sheffield to Ibiza’ which was a lot of fun. We used to record the shows and listen back to them during parties. The music was great but hearing my own voice is something I will never get used to! Since this, I am conscious about how much I actually use my voice and if I start to hear it too much – even I get sick of it!

Some ways I have avoided using my voice to much (particularly shouting, are as follows):

  • Waiting for silence, silently rather than asking the students to listen to me. Visual clues like fingers on lips is often effective.
  • Stop talking if somebody tries to interrupt.
  • Being aware of my position in the classroom (no talking while writing on the board with my back to students).
  • Speaking quietly – the more quietly you speak, the more quietly the students must be!

Useful Site

Behaviour Management: A Bill Rogers Top 10


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